Jo Lindholm


Subject: Psychology

I have always loved Psychology since I first took it as an A Level subject at school. Since then, I have completed a Psychology Degree at the University of Bath and a Masters in Psychology via the Open University. As I love to teach, gaining a PGCE was a natural progression.

The great thing about learning Psychology is that it is about understanding people and their behaviour and therefore helps you in just about every aspect of life! My latest psychological obsession is in the area of Positive Psychology, which is the science of flourishing and being all that we can be. There are so many positive steps that we can take to promote our own wellbeing and resilience, and I am enjoying learning all about this and sharing my knowledge with others.

I have taught Psychology for the last 15 years in several schools, but in 2018 I left my teaching role following the birth of my second child, and am now enjoying working as a tutor alongside raising my cheeky monkeys. I love working one-on-one with students and being able to provide a highly personalised and individual program of learning and support, and building a strong mentoring relationship with my tutees. I am passionate about mental health and also run a Mental Health First Aid training company, teaching people from all walks of life how to support the mental health and wellbeing of themselves and others. I believe strongly in the importance of talking openly about mental health and mental ill-health in a non-stigmatising and non-judgemental way and teaching young people the importance of looking after their mental health and giving them the tools to do so.

When not talking about psychology, I can mostly be found outside having adventures! I love the great outdoors and am most happy when camping and hiking in the mountains. I love to travel and have visited over 40 countries so far with many more on the list to visit! I have worked as an expedition leader across Africa, specialising in leading people climbing Kilimanjaro. I have also taken part in many personal adventures; as a team member of the ‘Arctic Foxes’, we became the first British female team to walk across Greenland; and as a ‘Desert Fox’ I took part in the Marathon des Sables, running 6 marathons in 7 days through the Sahara Desert. Although my fitness level is not quite what it used to be, there are many more adventures left in me yet, so watch this space.

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