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Ken Landsbury


Subject: Maths

I’m very pleased to be a Tutor at Wolsey Hall and to have the opportunity of helping you achieve success in Maths. I’ve helped many students overcome their fear or dislike of the subject. In just a short time they realize that Maths is just like playing a game and all you have to do is learn the rules.

I’ve always enjoyed Maths and its application. That’s why I decided to study Business and Finance at college and then go on to complete an Economics degree at university. I’ve always wanted to teach, so I went straight back to university to get my teaching qualification (PGCE) in mathematics. And since then I‘ve taught Maths for 28 years in secondary schools across the North East of England in a number of schools and education authorities.

Once I had taught for a few years, I became interested in the psychology of learning, so I returned to university part-time to study Educational Psychology. This has helped me to understand how people learn and what I can do as a teacher to make the process more successful.

For most of my teaching career I have also been involved with the pastoral side of education. I was Head of House and Head of Year for many years working with the students and their parents, developing individualized learning programmes to help them achieve their goals.

My last five years of working in schools was as Head of the Maths Department, which I really enjoyed.

Throughout my time as a schoolteacher I have always given private tuition both face-to-face and online. I now no longer teach in schools, but I am kept very busy working as a private tutor to students all over the world teaching Maths to students at Secondary Level.

When I’m not at work I play a lot of sport, mostly squash, tennis and golf. I also go rock climbing a couple of times a week. My wife and I have two grown-up children who are both married but who still keep us on our toes!

I look forward to helping you enjoy your studies and achieve a grade in Maths of which you will be proud.

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