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Louise Graham


Subject: French & Spanish

I have always loved learning languages and working with young people, so becoming a languages teacher was inevitably going to be a good combination.

I began learning French, Spanish and Russian when I was at school and then went on to study French with Management at the University of Bath. This allowed me to spend a year working in Brittany, in Western France, in the picturesque town of Vannes. On completing my degree, I then went to work with Danone in Paris where I spent two years absorbing French culture and perfecting my language skills. Following my time in France, I returned to England, still with Danone, and continued to use my French and Spanish skills, liaising within this multinational company.

I was eventually drawn back North to my roots where I began working in Primary Schools as a French and Spanish teacher while my own four children were young, moving on eventually to working in Secondary Schools teaching all the way to A Level standard.

As a family, we love to travel and especially love action-filled holidays. We like to do slalom skiing and compete with our local ski club. We can also be found walking and cycling, dragging our dog ‘Sausage’ – not a sausage dog but a Jack Russell – along with us wherever we go! The whole family love languages, and wherever we go we like to give the local language a good try, although Sausage hasn’t quite mastered it yet!

I believe that language learning should be fun; it comes naturally to all of us, we have all done it in at least one language before! If we can just allow ourselves to remember how easy it was the first time, then we can open up a whole new world of conversations.

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