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Marco Brandl

DPhil, MSt, BA

Subject: German

As far as I can think back, I have enjoyed learning languages and exploring foreign cultures. Having studied English, German, French, Italian, Latin and Russian at school back in Germany, I decided to continue and deepen this passion at Oxford, where I read Arabic, French and Modern Hebrew.

My undergraduate course, which entailed several extended stays in France and the Middle East, equipped me not only with strong linguistic skills, but also provided me with a deeper understanding of the historical and socio-cultural aspects of those regions. I then went on to do a Master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies and I am currently working towards completing a D.Phil in the same field.

My love for languages has always been coupled with a strong desire to share my enthusiasm for learning with others, which is why, already back at school, I would seize every opportunity I could to tutor other students. At university, I was able to continue my passion for teaching when the Oxford University German society appointed me as the main German language instructor, a position which I held for nearly four years. Since  then, I have taught foreign languages (primarily German and Arabic, but occasionally also Italian and French) and Religious Studies at a number of UK Sixth Form colleges, as well as at universities both in the UK and the United States.

Whenever I’m not teaching, I enjoy travelling, reading and playing sports. As someone who spends a lot of his time sitting in front of a desk, I know just how important it is to find some balance by spending time in the open air and getting enough exercise. I personally try to achieve that balance by playing tennis and football whenever I can, but I’m also a keen runner.

I’m excited to be a tutor for Wolsey Hall and look forward to helping as many of you as possible in achieving your academic goals!

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