Miranda Gunn


Subject: Music (TBA)

I have always loved music from an early age. I was lucky enough to receive a flute from my Grandfather at 11 and spent the summer teaching myself from a book. I worked my way through the ABRSM grades until finally, I received my GSMD(P) Diploma in flute. There was no doubt that I would take Music at University and I graduated with a degree in Popular and World Music from the University of Leeds.

I spent several years as a professional musician, performing in the UK and Europe. This was a very exciting way to start my career, and some highlights included performing for Tim Burton’s Wrap Party, for Geri Halliwell and many more with the Milomax function band. I also recorded for various artists included The Swing Ninjas (who also took me to Rome to sing for the British Ambassador), and a film company.

I had been teaching the flute, piano and saxophone privately when I was offered the position of ‘Vocal Leader’ with Wandsworth Music Service. This was a fantastic opportunity as I got to teach in schools, some of which did not have any music lessons, leading up to a yearly performance at The Royal Festival Hall. It was hugely rewarding to see the children sing their hearts out.

I perform less often now due to my commitments as Teacher of Primary Level Music in a local school. However, this has given me the perfect practical experience to pass on my knowledge of music in a way that is accessible for everyone, regardless of whether they have had any experience in music lessons before.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning the Drum Kit and the Ukulele, going to the theatre as often as possible and travelling to new exciting destinations. I believe that music is for everyone, whether you learn an instrument or not. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm for the subject.

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