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Neil Sewell-Rutter

MA, DPhil

Subject: IGCSE Latin

I am a passionate and experienced tutor of Latin. I have been teaching this and other Classical subjects, including ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation, with great success at all levels for more than ten years.

Though my own love of Classics took root early in life, I know from experience that students can come to ancient languages at any age, and that learning Latin is valuable for everyone. Studying any language is excellent training for your brain. Latin is at the root of many European languages, so through knowledge of its vocabulary and grammar, we can develop a better understanding of other languages we speak or read, and of the works of literature written in them.

I studied Classics at Oxford, and after being awarded a First Class degree went on to do a PhD in ancient Greek tragedy, which I later published as a book. Since then, I have continued my academic studies in the ancient world as well as teaching and lecturing both individually and in groups. I have taught at several universities and tutorial colleges, as well as privately. These days, when I am not marking or tutoring, I am usually to be found in a quiet corner of one of the Oxford libraries researching for my second book.

Outside the ancient world, I love literature, particularly in English, and cultural life more generally. My favourite relaxations include good food, writing amusing letters to the newspapers, and, above all, spending time with my friends. Education should, I believe, be a route to a richer and fuller human life as a whole.

I look forward to helping my students on their journey towards a robust and deep understanding of Latin.

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