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Robert Ellis


Subject: Politics

I’ve had a long career as an A Level teacher and Tutor. During the past 26 years, I have taught several related subjects: Philosophy, Religious Studies, Critical Thinking and Politics.

I carried out my Bachelor’s degree in Indian Languages and Religious Studies at Cambridge University. After a couple of years teaching English as a Foreign Language, I then trained as a Secondary Religious Education teacher. I then got a job in a sixth form college and have specialised in sixth form teaching (with a bit of university work) ever since.

I worked in two different sixth form colleges, gradually branching out from Religious Studies into Philosophy and Critical Thinking, and taking a break for four years to study for a PhD in Philosophy. It was during my PhD studies that I became interested in Political Philosophy, which was my doorway into the academic study of Politics.

In 2006 I moved from sixth form college teaching into online teaching and tutoring, initially using video conferencing and working with groups of students in schools. I worked for an educational publisher providing distance courses in minority A Level subjects. It was then that I also started teaching Politics, and it rapidly became my most significant subject.

Since then I have become a self-employed online Tutor. I have also written a number of books, which develop a line of philosophical thinking called Middle Way Philosophy, which I began in my PhD.

I live on the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire in the west of England, with my wife (who is also a Tutor) and daughter. When I am not tutoring I spend time writing my books and also developing a philosophy society I have founded. I also enjoy walking, cycling, travelling, reading and playing classical piano. I look forward to tutoring you!

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