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Robin Andrews


Subject: Maths, Computer Science

I am a qualified teacher of Computer Science and Maths with over 12 years’ experience and I hold a B.Ed (Hons) degree from The University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth.

I am passionate about inspiring my students to achieve their academic potential as well as to develop a genuine appreciation for the subjects I teach. My teaching style is clear and friendly, with a personalised approach. I have a strong track record in helping students to improve their confidence, enjoyment and attainment levels in Computer Science and Maths.

I am also interested in the subject of Meta-Cognition (awareness of learning processes), and have studied and taught the work of Edward de Bono, famous for his development of lateral thinking techniques. I am also interested in “the art of learning.” Due to a great interest in diverse topics such as world music, folklore and philosophy, I have studied many subjects over the course of my life and have repeatedly found myself in the position of “beginner.” Familiarity with “not even knowing what I don’t know” has given me valuable insight into the learning process from a student’s perspective.

My interest in computing stems back to when I was a child, and the first home computers were becoming available. Due to a shortage of available software, I had to do a lot of programming myself and found the process fascinating, as well as frustrating. None of my teachers at the time could help me if I got stuck as they had not been trained in programming. I have a sense of how delighted I would have been to have someone available who could help me to understand when I got stuck and to challenge and encourage me. I enjoy being able to support students of computing in that way now.

Outside of teaching, my interests include swimming, watching films (mainly comedy and sci-fi), and playing the bagpipes!

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