Simon Burchill


Subject: English, Geography, History, Maths, Science

Working with young people, building confidence, developing understanding and facilitating students to achieve their potential is the most rewarding job in the world. I have enjoyed a range of teaching experiences over the past twenty years, teaching in several Primary schools in Oxfordshire and at an international school in Lyon, France. I have a good understanding of all the key stages in education and am surrounded by learning, with my two daughters at university and my wife who works as an Assistant Headteacher at a local Secondary school.

I chose to specialise in the Primary curriculum as I am interested in so many different subjects. I have degree in English and History but I am also hugely interested in Science, the natural world, sports, the arts and Mathematics. Indeed, it is through understanding the pedagogy behind successful Mathematics teaching that I have developed a greater understanding of how children learn in all subject areas. Aware of the need to tap into motivation and focus enthusiasm, I am keen to use the principles of Growth Mindset in my teaching in order to build self- belief and a love of learning in children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a class teacher and continue to work part time. I have held a number of responsibilities for subject areas and within Senior Management Teams, but my real interest lies with working with young people one to one or in small groups. It is here that I am really able to see progress and tailor my teaching to meet the needs of the specific student. I therefore look forward to the opportunity to teach individual children where I will be able to focus on their strengths but also to have the time to thoroughly analyse how they learn and to identify opportunities to fill gaps and enable growth.

I have many interests, reading widely, watching plays and visiting exhibitions. I enjoy playing a variety of sports, including football, hockey, tennis, table tennis, skiing and cycling. However, my biggest interest is music: I have played the guitar since I was a child and have always enjoyed playing in groups. I currently sing and play guitar in a local band. I am also committed to working with charities that develop the provision of education in developing countries.

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