Susan Miller


Subject: Computing & Computer Science

I qualified to teach with a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCE) specialism in Information Communication Technology (ICT) in 2006. Before I became a teacher, I worked in the computer industry as a programmer and Analyst programmer for software houses and large corporate organisations. I also spent some time as a self-employed IT Contractor. I have experience of working on many different computer platforms and I know several computer languages, including ‘C’, ‘HTML’, ‘JavaScript’, ‘Oracle SQL’ and ‘PL/SQL. I am also trained in System Analysts methodologies such as SSADM.

I taught myself ‘JavaScript,’ ‘CSS’, ‘Java and Java Server Pages’ to extend my skills. I then wrote an introduction to Java course and taught it at one of my local colleges as part of their adult education programme. I gained experience teaching degree students at a college, delivering the Computing foundation course, and at one of my local universities teaching ECDL to Business Students.

I learnt and taught Python while teaching the OCR GCSE Computing course in my first teaching job in a Secondary school when it was introduced into the national curriculum.

During this time I also qualified via Oracle Academy to teach Oracle SQL and PL SQL to sixth form students as part of the BTEC in ICT course. I have continued to teach python and Computer Science courses from other examining boards whilst teaching in Secondary schools.

Since 2016 I have been a pathway Tutor working online with a large educational organisation teaching on their Subject Knowledge Enhancement course (SKE) to trainee Computer Science teachers to fill in the gaps in their computing knowledge. This covers all computing topic areas in the national curriculums for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

I have a passion for Computer Science and Programming as well as continuously improving and crafting my skills. I look forward to teaching those of you who equally love learning about Computer Science.

When I am not teaching, I love to walk, practice playing my violin, classical and acoustic guitars, listen to classical music and meditate. I also love crafting, including designing and making handmade jewellery, loom knitting and sewing.

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