Thomas Lane


Subject: Biology, Science

I began my journey into the Sciences because I love understanding how the world works. Biology, my chosen subject, is fundamentally the study of how all living things, from large ecosystems down to individual cells in your body, can function, and not just survive but thrive in differing conditions. I am still amazed at how much diversity there is in the biological world and hope to continue studying this subject and teaching and tutoring it for as long as possible.

My area of specialism within Biology is Ecology. Being outside and understanding the different interactions between all organisms is fascinating to me. I was lucky enough to put this to practice as I wrote my BSc dissertation on the Animal and Plant Life on Dartmoor, in Devon, a beautiful area of England that is great for hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

I graduated from Plymouth University with Honours in Biological Sciences and gained QTS shortly after. I have since taught predominantly in independent British schools in China. I loved living and working in China, being able to experience a different culture and a different approach to learning.

I also play rugby competitively and love being able to play as part of a team as well as to push myself to do better. I have spent some time coaching rugby in the previous schools I have worked in and have come to realise that sports and fitness play an important role in brain function and thus academics.

I look forward to tutoring you. Wherever you are in your study into the world of Science, I hope I will be able to share with you the love I have for these subjects and can help you on your journey, wherever it may take you.

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