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Yvonne Hammond


Subject: Primary Music

My first experience of performing music was through the recorder, which quickly moved to a clarinet. I started learning the piano from the age of 15 when I realised I wanted to study Music at university. By the time I left school I had achieved grade 8 in clarinet, grade 5 piano and was learning the saxophone and the flute in my spare time.

I joined the South Glamorgan County Youth Orchestra at the age of 17, and it was there that I became aware of the power of music, and discovered how exciting playing in an ensemble is. Today I perform in the Army Reserves Medical Services Band as a clarinettist. Playing Music with others is essential to me, and it is the one time during the week when I think of nothing else but the music.

I studied for a BA Hons in Music and Education at Middlesex University, where I was able to choose modules such as performing, education and ethics, and composing and harmony.

I have been involved in Music education for over 27 years. Following university, I taught woodwind and piano privately. In 1999 I was recruited as a woodwind teacher for South Gloucestershire County Music Service and Gloucestershire Music Service. I moved to Oxford in 2000 and became an Area Manager for Oxfordshire County Music Service and a woodwind teacher.

My most significant accomplishment was studying for a PGCE while I had young children and working full time for OCMS. I enjoyed class teaching so much while studying for my PGCE that I accepted a position as Music Teacher at my internship school. This followed quickly with a promotion to Head of Music; a position I still hold.

I still maintain contact with OCMS, and I am a woodwind tutor for the touring County Youth Orchestra. I have accompanied the orchestra for six years performing in a variety of European places. Their repertoire is always different and challenging.

I am passionate about Music and believe that all children should have access to music; to help stimulate creativity, analytical skills, understand different cultures, understanding historical context, and above all to create a rounded individual. Most importantly, Music should be fun and engaging.

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