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Poetry Showcase – Miriam Thwaites

L I Q U I D    L I E S

by Miriam Thwaites


Convulsed face in the mirror,

Eyes red-rimmed, skin swelling in bright mounds,


No sparkling jewel eyes or magic hair.

Dreams showed longer lashes; posters smoother skin.


Lives bloom in blushed cheeks.

Repulsed, could crush that face into a thousand fragments.


Paint! The world hides its face, smothering truth with liquid lies and white dust.

A mask. A walking doll.


Smiles creep onwards, but eyes are shallow pits to permeate the skin.

Could you dig deeper, to my flawed heart?




I am an eighteen year old girl living in England with my six siblings. I love nature and writing. I study with Wolsey Hall Oxford. As part of the poetry group, I have sent in my poem ‘Liquid Lies.’ This poem demonstrates the damaging effects of mass media on young girls in the modern age, who struggle with their outward appearance, when what really matters is the heart.”

Miriam Thwaites, Wolsey Hall Student

Studying A Level English Literature, Biology and Psychology


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love how the techniques and language devices you used in this piece make your message so much more powerful!

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