The Benefits of Studying Lower Primary Maths

We believe that developing children’s early Maths skills introduces them to concepts and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and play a crucial part in children’s development as successful learners.

From an early age children will delight in using mathematics to solve a problem. As their confidence grows, they will start noticing patterns, finding creative approaches to solve problems, and learning to explore and explain their ideas clearly.

Our Lower Primary Maths homeschooling courses will help your child develop the foundations of essential skills in number, calculations, fractions, measurement, and geometry.

Our courses follow a systematic approach to teaching, through engaging child centred tasks, that will motivate and empower your child.

For more details of the curriculum see a summary of the areas of study here: Year 1  /  Year 2.

Once completed, our Lower Primary Maths course lays the foundations for children to transition smoothly to our Upper Primary Maths course.

Tutor Support- A Family Explains

The Syllabus and Hours of Study

  • Allow for up to 5 hours study time per week for your child to complete each year of Primary Maths plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • Your child should be able to complete the course in 9 months.
  • We offer Study Skills Sessions for those students who need some extra help managing their studies.

Key Topics Covered

Year 1 – Numbers up to 2 digits/place value, add/subtract, multiply/divide, simple fractions, practical measurement, shape/position/direction.

Year 2 – Numbers up to 3 digits/place value, add/subtract, multiply/div, fractions, practical measurement, shape/position/direction and simple statistics.

Course Fee

The fee for our Lower Primary Maths homeschooling course for each subject per year is:

Years 1 or 2: £375 by instalments or £356 in full.

To find out what our fees include please click here.



Primary Fee Calculator

Meet Our Lower Primary Level Maths Tutors

Tim D - Homeschooling Parent, Thailand

We live in South East Asia and my daughter is 5.5 yrs old. Her school was closed during the China Virus lockdown for several months. We have nearly finished Part 1 - 12 week lessons in English and Maths. It really works and she enjoys it as well. The Maths lessons are good with many different teaching techniques. All resources can be downloaded and thus the guided teaching is easy to follow. Highly recommend this homeschooling college.

Monika Gaehler, Homeschooling Parent, UAE

We really liked how some lessons led to more activities and sparked more interested in given topic. Like doing the restaurant menu. We had a pretend restaurant and Clarisse drew food and produced bills for us. It just encouraged her to carry on with the theme.

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