The Benefits of Studying Lower Primary Science

We believe that teaching Science from an early age can harness children’s natural curiosity and enable them to understand the world around them.

Our courses follow a systematic approach to teaching Science, through child centred practical tasks, that will excite and motivate your child. The lessons will nurture and establish a positive approach to Science education that will stay with them into the future and help them achieve their potential as young scientists.

For more details of the curriculum see a summary of the areas of study here: Year 1  /  Year 2.

Once completed, our Lower Primary Science course lays the foundations for children to transition smoothly to our Upper Primary Science course.

Primary Course Information

The Syllabus and Hours of Study

  • Allow 2 hours of teaching and learning time per week for you and your child to complete each year of Lower Primary Science.
  • Your child should be able to complete the course in 9 months.

Key Topics Covered

Year 1 – Plants, Animals (including humans), Everyday Materials, Seasonal Changes.

Year 2 – Livings Things and their Habitats, Plants, Animals (including humans), Use of Everyday Materials.

Course Fee

The fee for our Lower Primary Science homeschooling course for each subject per year is:

£427 in full and £450 by instalments.

here is a 10% discount if you take four Lower Primary courses together.

To find out what our fees include please click here.




Primary Fee Calculator

Meet Our Lower Primary Level Science Tutors

Tasmia Firdaus, Homeschooling Parent, Saudi Arabia

Canvas is really easy to navigate even without prior experience or guide. I really liked that there are many links to resources for parents to be better prepared when taking on homeschooling.. e.g. phonics pronunciation and explanations of terms used. Noorah finds everything very easy and fun to do, she’s always excited for her lessons and is very relaxed so far. Afterall, its a very thorough and well planned course, we enjoy teaching as much as she does learning!

Racha - Homeschooling Parent, Libya

Thank you so much for the End of Year Reports. What lovely reports! The girls were so happy to read their tutors’ comments and I am very proud of them. It has been a pleasure working with all of you and I wish you success and prosperity in the next and all the academic years ahead. It looks like the future of learning is heading in the direction of online learning and you are a brilliant school that will continue to thrive and lead in this domain. As I mentioned before, I have recommended you to many of my friends, and we look forward to working with you again sometime in the future.

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