The Benefits of Studying Upper Primary Science

Our Upper Primary Science homeschooling course encourages children to ask scientific questions and begin to appreciate the way in which science will affect the future on a personal, national, and global level. They will learn to ask and answer scientific questions, plan and carry out scientific investigations/ experiments, and learn how to use equipment correctly.

Science teaches an understanding of the natural world through BiologyChemistry and Physics. It aims to stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. It teaches methods of enquiry and investigation to stimulate creative thought.

The Primary Science homeschooling courses are designed to cover all of the requirements of the UK National Curriculum over the course of 6 years.

For more details of the curriculum see a summary of the areas of study here: Years 3 & 4  /  Years 5 & 6.

Equipment lists: Year 3  |  Year 4  |  Year 5  |  Year 6

Once completed, our Upper Primary Science course lays the foundations for children to transition smoothly to our Secondary Science course.

Primary Course Information

Student Yahya's Science Work

The Syllabus and Hours of Study

  • Allow for up to 2.5 hours study time per week for you and your child to complete each year of Upper Primary Science plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • Your child should be able to complete the course in 9 months.

Key Topics Covered

Year 3 – Plants, animals (including humans), rocks, light, forces and magnets.

Year 4 – Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), states of matter, sound, electricity.

Year 5 – Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), properties and changes of materials, earth and space, forces.

Year 6 – Living things and their habitats, animals (including humans), evolution and inheritance, light, electricity.

Course Fee

The fee for our Upper Primary Science homeschooling course for each subject per year is:

Years 3, 4, 5 or 6: is £450 by instalments or £427 in full.

To find out what our fees include please click here.




Primary Fee Calculator

Meet Our Upper Primary Level Science Tutors

Anna Dombek, Homeschooling Parent, Poland

We loved Science, all the experiments helped Natalia understand scientific concepts and they’ve stimulated her into further research on the issues she found fascinating. Natalia loved the section on animals as well as woodwind instruments.

Ultima Martin, Homeschooling Parent, Singapore

Hi from Singapore. My 2 kids, Sam and Uma have just joined Wolsey. Sam is in Year 8 and Uma, Year 4 doing Geography, History, Science, Maths and English. We are all very happy and excited. My daughter Uma just made it into the Lion King International cast as young Nala so the entire family will be travelling with her as she tours. We are an adventurous family who believe learning doesn't have to be confined in a classroom. Looking forward to learning and growing with you all.

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