Reasons to Homeschool

Top 8 reasons families homeschool

The benefits of homeschooling can far outweigh any initial concerns but it’s still a big step to take. Here’s the top 8 reasons why families at Wolsey Hall choose to homeschool.

There’s no set ‘school day’ so families choose when and where learning takes place. This can improve children’s wellbeing as they can sleep longer and study at the optimum time for them. The flexible schedule also fits well around other commitments.

Negative school experience
Increasing numbers of families are choosing to homeschool due to their child experiencing school anxiety or bullying. Homeschooling can be a welcome relief where students often thrive in a home environment like our student Charlie.

Elite athletes
Elite athletes have long training hours each week which don’t fit around the typical school day. Homeschooling enables them to travel to sporting events and compete at a high level while continuing their education. Wolsey Hall has many elite athlete students including gymnast Amelie Morgan.

Special educational needs
The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional schooling often doesn’t work for children with special educational needs. Homeschooling provides a more nurturing and personal approach where a support plan can be created specifically for your child. Student Alfie chose this option because of his dyslexia.

Live anywhere
Education standards vary widely across the world. Homeschooling with a Cambridge accredited online school means you can live anywhere and receive a high standard of education. Expats Zeb and River did just this.

Learning on the move
Homeschooling is particularly popular with travelling families like The Binedells. They’re currently exploring Europe in a caravan, only made possible because their three children can continue their education on the road.

Gifted children
Homeschooled children learn at a pace to suit their own abilities resulting in more students achieving their full potential. Gifted children often feel frustrated and bored if not stretched enough in a traditional school. One of our gifted students Eddie combines homeschooling with track cycling and running his own business.

An alternative to mainstream education
Parents may not agree with the teaching style, pressures and academic targets present in mainstream schools. With homeschooling you can choose the timetable for your child, reflecting the subjects they are interested in and creating the environment they respond to best for learning.

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