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Roald Dahl

Had Roald Dahl been alive today, he would have been over 100 years.


Dahl had an unique style and talent. He wrote all of his books longhand with a simple pencil. And he even created new words!


To honour him the Oxford English Dictionary has even added several new words and phrases made famous by Dahl – including ‘Oompa Lumpa’ and ‘witching hour.’ Many other dictionary words have also been revised in association with Dahl, including ‘Frightsome’ and ‘Gremlin’.


Michael Proffitt of the Oxford English Dictionary, said: “For many children Roald Dahl’s work is not only one of their first experiences of reading, but also their earliest exposure to the creative power of language.”


Incredibly Roald Dahl started out life as a pilot, and had a severe crash in the deserts of Libya. But he is now one of the most famous childrens’ (and adult) authors of the last century.


Quentin Blake illustrated every one of Dahl’s books, except for one, so take a look at his fabulous drawings.







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