Safeguarding Children

Sarah Webb: “We want parents to be confident that their children can study with Wolsey Hall in a safe online environment. Safeguarding children has always been given our highest priority’ 


Sarah is a Student Progress Manager and the College’s Safeguarding Officer with responsibility for safeguarding children who take Wolsey Hall Oxford courses. Her background in Early Years Education sparked a passion for children’s learning and development, and she loves the opportunities that Wolsey Hall can offer to students worldwide to continue their education in a way that meets their individual lifestyles and needs. When taking time out, Sarah enjoys quality time with her family, a good film and dining out when the opportunity arises.


The internet allows us to offer home study courses to students all over the world, and we’re very enthusiastic about what a positive connecting tool it can be. But we’re also serious about online safety, particularly where our homeschooling students are concerned.


“We want to ensure that Wolsey Hall meets current UK legislation and guidance. We have developed and implemented a Wolsey Hall Safeguarding children Policy for our staff and our Tutors. Although children never actually meet with their Tutors face to face, we make sure that all our Tutors have been through the DBS checking procedure.


My role is not just to think about how, as an organisation, we can create and maintain a safe online learning environment for our students — it’s also to think about how we can provide information to parents and students about enjoying the benefits of the internet, whilst avoiding the risks.


I’ve done specialist Safeguarding children training with Oxfordshire County Council, which keeps me up-to-date with local procedures and guidelines on how best to support students, parents and our staff if they have any concerns. I’ve also recently attended training sessions that specifically relate to e-Safety. The internet has opened up exciting possibilities for learners worldwide. We want them to embrace these opportunities whilst being and feeling safe!”


If you have any further questions about safeguarding children, or about protecting your child online, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: we’re here to help.



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