The Benefits of Studying Secondary Maths

Our Secondary Maths homeschooling course will help your child get the key building blocks for Maths in place.

Mathematics equips your child with uniquely powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and satisfaction when they solve a problem for the first time, discover a more elegant solution, or notice hidden connections. Students with a solid understanding of maths are able to think independently in applied and abstract ways, and can reason, solve problems and assess risk.

At the end of Year 9 of Secondary Maths you will receive a report on your child’s progress.  A report on the average grade achieved by your child at the end of Years 7 or 8 is available on request.

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Lower Secondary Course Information

The Syllabus and Hours of Study

  • Our Secondary Maths homeschooling course assumes that your child has completed Primary Maths (Key Stage 2) to a good standard.
  • The course follows the English National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 Maths.
  • Allow for up to 4 – 5 hours per week of’ study time for your child to complete each year of Secondary Maths plus additional time for completing assignments.
  • We find that most children can complete the course in 9 months.
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Key Topics Covered

Our Secondary Maths homeschooling course will help you to develop mathematical fluency, to reason mathematically and to solve problems. Key areas covered include:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measurement
  • Probability and statistics
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Course Fee

The fee for our Secondary Maths homeschooling course for Year 7 , 8 or 9 individually is £450 by instalments or £427 in full.

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Meet Our Secondary Level Maths Tutors

Jeff Hennig - Homeschooling Parent, USA

Thank you very much for your assistance, and I just want to say that homeschooling Sophie and her sister Helene has been made so much easier by your organization’s involvement - the Tutors have been fabulous and the course presentation very easy to follow.

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