High school homeschooling

Ruby’s story

Fifteen-year-old Ruby is High School homeschooling in the USA where her father serves in the military. Her family decided to homeschool due to frequent moves and wanting a continuity of education. In her recent IGCSE exams, Ruby achieved a very impressive set of results.

Co-ordinated Science – AA

English Language – A

History – B

This is her story.

“We have moved around a lot and although I am so blessed to have experienced many different countries and cultures, my education was suffering as I was moving to different schools within terms. This caused me to miss out on learning certain topics, and learn other topics almost too well. I learnt about the Vikings three times in three different schools!”

travelling families often homeschool

Wolsey Hall Oxford supports a large number of families who homeschool while travelling.

Ruby is homeschooling in the USA

“Whilst living in Turkey, I went to a private international school. I didn’t have the best time there due to bullying and this really pushed us to homeschool. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.

“I have received an amazing education as it is one on one and there is nothing to distract me.

“Homeschooling has also given me the opportunity to volunteer. During the day I volunteer sometimes at a mini zoo and I do my school work in the evenings, or do extra the next day.

“Socially, I joined a swim team and a band at church. I got to choose my friends and have never lacked any.”

“Science was my hardest subject, mainly because I put myself under much pressure to achieve a good grade. I aspire to become a Herpetologist (working with reptiles and amphibians). In order to do so, I need to have good marks in all sciences.

“By the end of the course I realised how much I really love Science as it helps me in my everyday life. I am extremely interested in History and Politics and my love for History, Science and English helped me study hard. I have hundreds of flash cards and revision folders.

“I especially enjoy that now when adults talk about History or Science, I understand what they are talking about and can add my own input to the conversation.”

Students enjoy the flexibility of homeschooling in the USA

Next steps

“I had the best experience when sitting my exams as I was the only one! My exam co-ordinator was lovely and he made me feel very calm which was amazing as I have a lot of anxiety.

“This year I will study for four more IGCSEs whilst moving from the USA to Wales where next year I plan to study as many science A levels as possible. My dream university is Bangor University. They are the only school in the UK that offers a degree in Zoology with Herpetology. I am so excited to go there.

“My advice to other students would be to really put in the effort. You are only going to get the marks you deserve. Also, revision and past papers is the worst kept secret to IGCSE success. I literally did every Co-ordinated Science past paper out there, sometimes two a day. Once you fully understand the material and specification, you should do as many past papers as possible but don’t tire yourself out. Remember to have patience with yourself during this process. IGCSEs are hard but you’ll get there.”

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