Successful Homeschoolers

Meet two of Wolsey Hall’s bright and ambitious successful homeschoolers…  


    11 year old Indi, in New Zealand, is enrolled for IGCSE Chemistry, English, and Maths with Wolsey Hall Oxford.   Indi is a star student, and the judges at the NIWA Waikato Science & Technology Fair seem to agree: last summer she placed 2nd overall, first in her age group, and earned a special prize for ‘Best Material World’ exhibit.   It was hard work, Indi says, but, “I loved every minute of it!”  

…And At Home

      Back in the UK, William, also 11, is another one of Wolsey Hall’s star successful homeschoolers. He recently earned an ‘A’ in IGCSE Maths and is now looking forward to going on to study for his Maths A Level. William successfully juggled multiple other academic and extracurricular activities with his Wolsey Hall Oxford course. He had the winning homeschooling combination: a good relationship with his tutor and support from his family. Moreover, William was not intimidated by the prospect of doing a qualification usually reserved for older students – and obviously that fearless spirit paid off!  

Grit Pays Off

  We’re immensely proud of Indi, William, and the many other successful homeschoolers we have who are achieving great things through home study. We think they’re living proof of the power of determination, self-discipline, and a strong support system.    
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