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I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford because they offered the course that I had been desperately looking for, German IGCSE. The support network is fantastic, and my Tutor Marco Brandl has helped improve my confidence, which I am very grateful for. The support I received from Marco really helped me to beat the nerves. Now I am making forward steps in German, a language I intend to become fluent in. A German friend of mine encouraged me to do this course, because she believed it was a great opportunity for me to develop, and she has always offered to help me with my German. I highly recommend Wolsey Hall Oxford, because there are many opportunities available.
(Mark recently received outstanding grades in German IGCSE).

Mark Collard, Mature Student, UK

I cannot praise Wolsey Hall Oxford enough for the support that I have been given. As someone who has experienced many types of education and not always been happy with them, I am pleased with the support and materials supplied by Wolsey Hall Oxford. Ken Landsbury has been a great Tutor. Very incisive and he has given very clear feedback. A very refreshing character who is an effective motivator.

The course has been challenging but the Tutor support, quizzes, videos, test papers and online support has been excellent. I am 47 and live in Birmingham, England. I am the Sales Director for a company that imports and exports products all over the world. I do not work the regular hours that would alllow me to attend traditional evening classes. Traditional classes have often involved a lot of wasted time and inefficiency. I thought an online course might be right for me.

Wolsey Hall Oxford's course (in IGCSE Maths) was just right for me and I learned a lot from it. My Tutor, Ken, gave me the motivation and feedback that I really needed.


Charles “Ed” Shepherd, Mature Student, UK

I chose Wolsey Hall Oxford as they were the most transparent and helpful online course provider I found when I needed to do my A Level Biology: most providers were not clear on what was included and not included in their service and price and Wolsey Hall Oxford was the only distance learning provider that was able to manage the coursework element of the A Level Biology course - which is a really important aspect.

The course books and information came very quickly after signing up and I was enrolled onto the learning system immediately so I was able to start as soon as possible. My Tutor was great, really helpful and on hand whenever I needed and provided thorough feedback on assessments and especially on coursework.

They were also very helpful liaising with the school exams officer to ensure that the coursework was submitted correctly and on time!

Cherry Phypers, Mature Student, UK

I have not studied with Wolsey Hall Oxford before but am really enjoying the course. Not having done any German before, I am not finding it as difficult or daunting as I feared I might. Having studied IGCSE French and Spanish via distance learning, I think this has helped. But I do have to say that the course is very well structured, all the course materials are of excellent quality and you really feel that you're progressing one step at a time without being overwhelmed. The amount of Tutor support provided is so much better than the previous provider I was using. Would recommend to anyone.

JDT, Mature Student, UK

The benefits of Wolsey Hall Oxford's courses speak for themselves. If you have ever imagined leaving your unfulfilling job and doing something that you always wanted to do, it is totally possible if you put in the work and get the relevant qualifications. The sense of achievement and the broadening of your horizons is reason enough to take any course.

Ben Dean, Mature Student, UK

Thank you all for your help so far, I'm really impressed with Wolsey Hall Oxford and I'd definitely recommend you to anyone.

Polly Callow, Mature Student, UK

I cannot fault Wolsey Hall Oxford and their organisation! Lindsay has been a brilliant Tutor and the resources available to help with my study are really good.

Rachel Marden, Mature Student, UK