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The Road to a Safer Future

Wolsey Hall Oxford homeschooling student Hannah Guansing (age 18) wrote this poem as part of our college entries for the Queen’s Commonwealth competition 2018, the results of which we will still have to wait eagerly for several months to receive! She chose the topic from a range of options, and her poem is both cleverly written and very meaningful.


Hannah studied first Secondary Level then IGCSEs with Wolsey Hall Oxford. She is currently working on her A Levels and studies at home in Malaysia. Her subjects are English Language, English Literature, and History, which has clearly helped with her excellent creative writing skills!



The Road to a Safer Future

By Hannah Guansing



We have always been wanderers,


like our ancestors before us:


their tired feet that sought land is now


our worn-out shoe soles after a long day.


The maps that marked their paths are now


our roads we use every day.


We’re no different from the nomads of before,


but we wander without navigation.


Maybe that’s why the nomads were hopeful;


they knew where to go, their destination.


Each step we take forward


also drags us back


because we don’t know where we’re headed


our minds have grown slack.




Why are we called the Commonwealth


if not all of us are wealthy?


Here are some issues that happen


On a global scale daily:


the masses of terrified people fleeing wars


natural resources decreasing


the historic inequality between men and women,


and despair that plagues jobless 20-somethings.


The depressing current affairs of today


destroy the purpose of tomorrow.


We have lost all hope in the future,


there seems to be nothing but sorrow.




Tomorrow is a funny word;


we say it because we are anticipating


another day, another 24 hours


but it never comes, it is always arriving.


Every today was yesterday’s tomorrow


why not think in this way


instead of worrying and believing


that tomorrow is too far away?


If tomorrow is a future “today”


Then we have lived so many futures.


Maybe our safer future isn’t a destination


it is a journey of many races and cultures


all moving in the same direction.




The future is ours not to reach or take


but ours to build.


Maybe it’s called the Commonwealth


because we all share a common will.


We all want to have hope


We all want to live


even when living becomes harder today


when tomorrow comes, it comes as a relief.


Each day is a step in this metaphorical road


that stretches on seemingly endlessly.


But if we have lived countless futures


then this road will not lead any;


it is merely building us up


the future of many todays.




Maybe it’s not us building a road to a safer future


It’s the road creating us and our future.






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