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Top 5 Homeschooling Tips Competition Winners!

We want to thank everyone for their incredible home made video entries to the Top 5 Homeschooling Tips Video Competition 2019!

We very much enjoyed these insights into your homeschooling worlds, and our entire team of staff and Tutors has been carefully judging the entries! You can read some of their comments below.

All those who did not get a first prize will get a Wolsey Hall T-Shirt! Each entry had it’s own fun qualities, and you can see them on our Youtube Channel and share or leave your comments.

The winner of each age category will be awarded £100 by Principal Lee Wilcock:


Category 1 Winner: IGCSE/ A Level

Joy-Anna: studying in the UK, age 15


Category 2 Winner: Secondary Level

Iman: studying in Malaysia, age 13


Category 3 Winner: Primary Level

Yousef: studying in Saudi Arabia, age 9

Why staff chose their favourite IGCSE/ A LEVEL videos:

“It was very clear and made some very good points.”
“This had a good mix. Clear voice and approachable nature.”
“The tips from Lily were clearly presented and she shared examples of ways of studying that really helped her such as scheduling work.”
“I feel that all the points being made are so important and well put across.”
“Very good tips regarding using all resources and learning from feedback.”
“The rabbit acted professionally! Really: structured and content fantastic. All played their parts well, including Dad. Professional quality. Loved it and lots of the others in this section. The elite tennis player was also fabulous!”
“The student gave sound, practical advice that was easily understood and achievable.”
“The student was engaging and creative in her examples; it was also technically well produced.”
“Difficult choice as I really like video 12 too which also deserves a prize!”
“Excellent planning and study tips, lovely to see a shot of Canvas being used by student, very well thought through and very organised.”
“Useful and well presented video.”
“Really enjoyed the top study tips.”
“Lots of very sensible suggestions presented with humour.”
“Many of these videos were sensible and often overlapped, but there were some grammatical/spelling mistakes in some videos, so they had to be ruled out. The winner was enjoyable to watch but also gave worthwhile tips.”
“Good tips but also good presentation of those tips.”
“Most helpful study tips.”
“A really hard category to judge, the standard was so high and all of the videos had strengths. I chose this one because the tips were so clear and detailed – I loved noting down what to work on for your next assignment, for example. Excellent.”
“The video could be read as well as heard.”
“Most entertaining.”
“Good, entertaining presentation. Everyday tips that all students could adopt.”
“A super video that combined useful study tips with a good sense of humour.”
“Great tips and smiley.”
“Useful tips with a sense of humour! She’s definitely getting the most out of homeschooling!”
“I really liked Joy-Anna’s interactive approach. You can see the impact of homeschooling on her confidence.”
“Useful tips and made me laugh.”
“The rabbit… And not just the rabbit but kale too! It made me laugh. An audience needs to be entertained and this put the point across whilst keeping the audience (me) interested. And so engaging! Our presenter looks right at the viewer, she smiles… brilliant presenter. She has also employed a cast of off-stage characters – great little brother. Loved it.”
“Very difficult in this category, they were all superb! Love the idea that Lily aims to complete her assignments early, therefore allowing for any hiccups she may encounter.”
“I thought the tips were great and the content very engaging and comical.”
“The response is organised and shows fun and enthusiasm whilst still taking it seriously.”
“Really enjoyed the top study tips.”
“Lots of very sensible suggestions presented with humour.”

Why staff chose their favourite Secondary Level videos:

“It was engaging and funny.”
“Loved the enthusiasm of this personal face to face response.”
“The tips not only gave general advice about home schooling but also more specific tips about home schooling with Wolsey Hall.”
“It’s very alive and provides the viewer with how homeschooling does not need to be a lonely experience.”
“Varied, great filming, lots of people involved and really showed the positives of home schooling.”
“A difficult choice. But this was entertaining and fun.”
“This one showed spirit and character and was very engaging – I think it would appeal to other students.”
“The student’s fun personality shone through the video and his use of video from different activities added visual interest and gave an interesting look at his life and culture.”
“Love how student shows the flexibility of homeschooling and demonstrates flexibility for learning new hobbies and skills.”
“Useful tips.”
“Absolutely loved the enthusiasm!”
“I liked the suggestions about how to use Tutors’ feedback – so important!”
“I wanted one which portrayed home schooling in a favourable light but also gave some good advice.”
“Good tips and an active video too which made it more interesting.”
“Most helpful study tips.”
“Love the humour and teamwork!”
“I liked the way he presented what were basically the same ideas as the other competitors.”
“Entertaining presentation. Good, practical advice.”
“A funny and useful video that combined good study tips with visual humour.”
“Loved the simplicity and polished performance.”
“This is what homeschooling is all about. The world is your oyster when you home school. These tips aren’t just run of the mill – they show how much fun it can be to study not just at home, but anywhere!”
“I liked the option with music – but I liked the fact that the option I chose gives students an understanding of creating routine, especially important at Secondary Level.”
“Good tips and nice to watch.”
“Very professional video – that boy is a good presenter and it had a lot of movement, colour and variety in it. And some VERY good tips!”
“5 great tips, very clearly presented. Love that Harry does lots of other fun activities, including eating cake in his breaks!”
“It was great to see the importance of diet, sleep and exercise being emphasised as beneficial to a study programme. There were also some other great tips.”
“This is a thoughtful and mature approach to the video task.”

Why staff chose their favourite Primary Videos:

“I thought he did really well!”
“The tips were was clearly presented with confidence.”
“I loved the structure, content and delivery of this video. Especially Maths ‘Practice, practice, practice’. Made me laugh!”
“Lovely to list tips for different subjects rather than for homeschooling as a whole.”
“It was engaging and endearing.”
“Love his study, practise and practise more!”
“The suggestions of how to integrate learning into every day life were brilliant.”
“I thought he was just brilliant and so so cute :)”
“Most helpful study tips.”
“Great comments about using the real world as your classroom – doing is learning!”
“Very ‘upbeat’ and motivated.”
“It was definitely the best of the bunch!”
“This video made me chuckle and it had some good tips as well.”
“Lots of energy and positivity.”
“He had obviously thought hard about what to say.”
“He is a VERY good presenter and makes some VERY good points.”
“A great effort.”
“Just so happy and enjoying it all.”

Yasouf was by far our youngest entrant and took care to provide his 5 top tips! We hope to get more Primary Level students involved in the next competition. Well done everyone! We hope you enjoyed the competition and best of luck with the next one called, My Best Day Out.

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