Anas Ehsan


There are around 120 elements known so far. Under the correct conditions, each one of them can react to form something new. The possibilities of creating new and useful materials are only really limited by your imagination. By studying Chemistry, you will begin to understand the mechanisms behind building new materials. You will dive into the reasoning behind some of the most important discoveries and creations that have been used throughout history, and you will feel immersed in the Science of your everyday life through practical and useable techniques.

I have been tutoring from a young age. I worked hard through my schooling in Glasgow to continue studying Chemistry at university. The combination of my love of Chemistry and my experience tutoring lead me to Strathclyde University, where I completed a PGDE in Secondary Education for Chemistry with Science. I have taught in several schools in Glasgow, Fife and East Lothian.

My strengths as a teacher allow me to build a learning environment that allows for studying at your own pace. I encourage an easy flow of questions to expand your understanding of the course and a focus on independent achievement to make the learning personal. I also have vast experience in digital education. I am always ready to learn more, and I openly seek the opportunity to do so to keep my teaching engaging and enjoyable.

Chemistry is just one of my passions. I love watching films, cooking and reading books. I have quite a collection of comic books as well, that seem to be taking up most of my shelf space. As well as reading comic books, or graphic novels, I also draw them; I have been the lead artist on a few manga and comic books for independent authors. To relax, I play the guitar, watch television or just enjoy my family’s company.

Subjects: Chemistry, Science