Becky Blackwell


I trained at Oxford Brookes University and achieved a BA Hons in Primary Education with Qualified teaching status. I have taught for over twelve years and have extensive experience of working across all Primary year groups in all subjects.

I have a particular passion for teaching English and Storytelling. I have taught across a range of schools and thoroughly enjoy working within city schools which are building strong community links. I thrive on encouraging children to be brave when learning; building up their resilience to reach their potential.

I enjoy learning new skills and meeting new people. I think it is very important, regardless of age, to frequently try new things. As adults we so often just do things we are already good at!

Across the years, I have become very interested in circus skills. I now teach and perform with hula hoops, aerial silks, lyra and trapeze. I love performing, especially to children, who I think make the best audience!

In my spare time, I love reading especially mystery stories. Within my classroom, I love creating an inviting space for children to read and supporting them in choosing authors that will hopefully spark their curiosity.

I have a range of experience tutoring individuals and children in small groups, giving them opportunities to develop a deep love of learning. I am skilled at identifying what each child needs to help them move on the next stage of their learning journey. I am very much looking forward to helping and guiding you.

Becky Blackwell - Lower Primary