Christi Brasher


I am a teacher of Physics with nearly ten years’ experience in both independent (selective) and state-funded (non-selective) educational settings in the UK. Prior to teaching, I had a successful 15-year career as a Principal Hydrologist working in Flood Risk Management, as a Mathematical Modeller and Project Manager. I am a positive, enthusiastic person by nature, always seeking out the best in people. My most significant attribute as a teacher is building, positive, trusting relationships with my students.

I completed my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado, USA, specialising in Physics, fluid dynamics and mathematical modelling of hydrological and hydraulic systems. I completed my teacher training at the University of Bath in the UK. I have lived in the UK for over 20 years.

My passion for Physics started at 17 years old when my teacher inspired me to compete in a national Physics competition called the ‘Olympics of the Minds’ in the USA. I competed against 1000’s of teenagers and qualified for the finals in Washington DC.

Since then, I have loved Physics! Now I am fortunate to be a teacher of Physics. As a teacher, my main objective is to inspire students to achieve as much as possible during their education by providing them with many opportunities to help them achieve their goals. I have tutored students to gain places at Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities. I have also helped my students prepare for the British Physics Olympiad national competition here in the UK.

When I am not teaching (or tutoring) I love sailing, running, hiking, swimming, bodyboarding, cycling and camping. I regularly race my Laser dingy at my local sailing club and occasionally compete in national regattas. I enjoy playing the piano and listening to music – you can always find me listening to Mozart when planning my lessons and playing classical music to my students when they are completing various activities, either in the classroom or online setting. I love solving puzzles and talking to elderly people. I enjoy looking after the environment and learning about various plants and animals, and growing vegetables in my allotment. I look forward to sharing my passion for Physics with you.

Subjects: Physics