Claudia Lambert


I studied at both the University of Northampton & Hertfordshire, to achieve a BA Hons in French & Education Studies followed by QTS. I am an Early Years specialist and have had extensive experience working across all Primary year groups. 

I have taught children for many years. I believe that enthusiasm for learning and the desire to succeed are great motivators for both the teacher and the learner. I particularly enjoy teaching Phonics & Maths, supporting the development of the fundamental building blocks that enable young learners to independently explore their early reading, writing and calculation skills. I have had the opportunity to work with the British Council, teaching children English. Languages are another passion of mine and teaching children a new language is certainly rewarding!

As an undergraduate, I worked for the British Council teaching young learners language skills. During my time, in France, as a Language Assistant I gained invaluable experiences both personally and professionally. The skills that I gained living abroad certainly helped me to become a better teacher. In recent years, I have led extra-curricular French language clubs for children aged 3-10. Through stories, song & role-play it is amazing how quickly a young learner can acquire new language skills. In our modern and diverse world, language unites – it is a fantastic skill for any learner to develop.

I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I have many hobbies that include playing musical instruments, cooking, backing, paper crafts and crochet. I also like to pick up new skills, most recently I have been trying to master calligraphy. I love to travel and can’t wait to explore more of the world!

I look forward to supporting your child on their learning journey and helping to inspire a love for learning!