Ella Cliffe


One of my first Primary learning experiences was cultivated through Music. And to this day I feel so fortunate to have learned such a multi-faceted subject that allowed me to develop, grow and succeed. 

The outstanding support I received from my own teachers sparked my desire to teach and pass on my enthusiasm for learning to the next generation. I was fortunate to learn three instruments: piano, frenchhorn and viola. I played these from Primary Level, and they inspired me to take Music through to higher education and a first-class degree from Nottingham University in 2016.

I have been immersed in Primary Music education for the last three years, working as a peripatetic Primary teacher for The Bristol Ensemble, Bristol’s professional chamber orchestra; an instrumental Tutor for Bristol’s award-winning music hub, Bristol Beacon, and a visiting music teacher in independent schools across Bristol. I have also recently qualified as a TEFL Tutor, which enables me to teach English at Primary Level.

In each of my positions I have gained experience in adapting my teaching style to best suit the individual needs of each child. I have risen to the demand of online teaching during the pandemic, which led me to discover the world of Wolsey Hall. I have created engaging content for Primary pupils to use at home. And I appreciate the value of the internet to provide a platform for home education for children across the world. 

I live in Bristol and whilst I’m not working, I enjoy the great outdoors: walking, running, cooking (and eating) all in equal measure! I am looking forward to working with you: to inspire, enthuse, and be an advocate for all children to access the multi-faceted discipline of Music within their curriculum.  

Subjects: French, Music