Emily Walmsley


From a young age I always wanted to be a teacher, I love working with children and making learning fun. Being a teacher gives me great enjoyment and has given me the opportunity to have a real impact on the lives of others.

Following university, I got a job teaching Key Stage 2 in a large comprehensive Junior School in quite a challenging area. Many of the children I worked with had low aspirations and lacked interest in school. I was keen to ignite some enthusiasm and excitement for learning. From covering the room top to bottom in leaves for a rainforest project, to discovering time machines in the cupboard I found ways to spark their imagination and passion for learning.

I worked in KS2, predominantly in Year 3 and 4, for almost 10 years, this gave me great pleasure and in this time I developed a secure subject knowledge in a broad range of subjects. However keen to broaden my experience I moved to an infant school and spent the next few years teaching Key Stage 1 which I found hugely enjoyable and rewarding. Following the arrival of my third child I took a short break from teaching and became a childminder, this had a great impact on my teaching, expanding my knowledge of the EYFS curriculum.

My main passions are Art and English, I love to teach creatively using imaginative approaches, making learning more interesting, exciting and effective. By being creative I’ve found children are able to make connections between one area of learning and another, extending their overall understanding.

Alongside this role I work for a UK based charity where we teach children in schools in disadvantaged areas how to grow and cook their own vegetables and understand where food comes from.

When I’m not teaching my family keep me very busy. I live in Norfolk with my husband and we have 3 wonderful children aged 5,7 and 10. My youngest has just started school giving me the chance to focus on my teaching. As a family we are very active and spend most of our time outside, enjoying the countryside on bike rides or walks.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you through your learning journey, helping you to reach your full potential.