Jo Ryman


I absolutely love teaching children and thoroughly enjoy watching their understanding and capacity to learn unfold. This is particularly true of Mathematics; it can present as a puzzle for many children and I enjoy watching their confidence grow, as they make connections and start to link the pieces together.

My career to date has been rich and varied providing me with a wealth of experience and opportunities. It has been a privilege to work in a variety of Primary school settings, urban and rural, with children from different backgrounds. Furthermore, I have thoroughly enjoyed the range of roles that I have undertaken, from deputy head of a large Primary school, where I was also leading teacher of Mathematics, to working as an advisory teacher for Oxfordshire LEA implementing a national initiative to raise standards in Mathematics.

It was an exciting time in my career, enabling me to work with like-minded colleagues as well as to further my understanding of how children learn. My most recent teaching experience is in a small school where independent learning and parental support are key priorities. Fortunately I work alongside a group of like-minded teachers where we share effective strategies and ensure reflective practice. In addition to this I Tutor children, one to one in Mathematics helping them to prepare for the next stage in their education.

When I am not teaching, my three children keep me busy as does the charity I am committed to. I enjoy keeping fit by walking my dog, running and still lend a hand on the family farm.

Subjects: Maths