Joanne Dunn

HND, BA (Hons), PGCE

Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, I have traversed the globe, accumulating a treasure trove of experiences in Europe, United Arab Emirates and America. These diverse cultures and economies have shaped my unique perspective on the world of Economics.

My teaching philosophy is simple yet powerful: I believe in making learning real. Rather than relying solely on textbooks, I draw inspiration from the real world. I engage my students by tapping into their interests, transforming them into budding economists from day one. My classroom is vibrant, practical, and filled with a contagious passion for Economics.

With two decades of teaching experience both in my homeland and abroad, I am a seasoned expert in various curricula, such as IGCSE, Cambridge, IB, AQA, Edexcel, and CCEA.  I have a BA (hons), PGCE and I will have a MSC completed this year.  Throughout my career, I have worn multiple hats, serving as Head of Department, Head of Year 8, and BTEC Coordinator. My commitment to education doesn’t stop at teaching; I am also an examiner for GCSE and A-level examinations.

I am a serial entrepreneur with a thriving presence in various industries, including fashion, events, and education.  I am known to spot a business opportunity wherever I roam!

My heart belongs to my beloved family – three daughters and a son, who inspire me every day. We are all travellers at heart.  As a true Economist, I have mastered the art of making scarce resources stretch. This frugal mindset fuels our wanderlust and allows my family and I to travel to far-flung corners of the world.

I enjoy combining my international experiences and entrepreneurial spirit to navigate my students through the complex world of Economics.   I aspire to be a teacher who doesn’t just impart knowledge but also instils a lifelong curiosity about Economics.  Join me on a journey where Economics comes alive, and learning is an adventure.

Subjects: Economics