Katy Stratford

I have always loved working with children because they are so much fun! When I had my own classroom, amongst all the wonderful learning taking place there was also plenty of laughter; I believe all learning should be enjoyable. I am lucky enough to have taught both here in the UK as well as in the UAE. Teaching children from all over the world and helping them to make progress was one of the best parts of working overseas. I love building strong relationships with both the pupils and their parents, working as a team to ensure that they succeed in their learning. I have ten years’ teaching experience and have worked in both the state and private sectors across all year groups from Early Years up to Year 6.  

Four years ago, I took a break from full-time teaching to have my first daughter – my second daughter is almost two.  During this time, I have been tutoring local children 1:1 which I have found extremely rewarding. I am able to personalise their learning to meet their individual needs which enables them to make fast progress. I think homeschooling is truly wonderful as you, the parent, are able to facilitate this personalised learning on a daily basis to give your child the best possible education.  

In my spare time, I love to do yoga and also enjoy long walks or bike rides in the countryside. My favourite children’s authors are William Nicholson, Philip Pullman & Jacqueline Wilson. I always have a book on the go and have been an avid reader since childhood.  

I am very much looking forward to getting to know the pupils and their families as they embark on their learning journey, providing support and encouragement to help them to get the very best out of their home-schooling education.