Rob Harris

BA Hons, M.Sc

I have always been a keen reader of History and wanted to understand the world in which I lived. This led me to study History and Social Sciences as an undergraduate, and then to gain an M.Sc in Sociology at Nuffield College, Oxford on an ESRC scholarship. My focus was on education and social mobility.

Following this I then worked for Oxford University’s department of Public Health. I was involved in a number of projects and publications examining patient reported outcome measurements for neurodegenerative disorders such as Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

I started teaching full time in 2011 focusing mainly on Sociology, though I have also taught History and Critical Thinking. I have worked at a number of tutorial colleges and schools in Oxford and have taught students from all over the globe. It has been fascinating to see them bring their own experiences and perspectives to their understanding of the social world.

I have always been fascinated by the social world and how people live and create societies. We all live in a society and try and understand how it works. Sociology helps us with this process. One of the main strengths of the subject is that it makes you think about the world. It encourages you to question what happens around you and what you see on the television rather than just accept what the media tell you. I believe this will be a skill for life and well worth having. We regularly hear about the ideas of Neo-Liberalism, Feminism and Marxism. Studying Sociology will help explain these ideas and how their exponents see the world, as well as enabling you to assess the impact of their ideas on society.

I enjoy playing the guitar and over the years I have played in a number of bands across Oxford. I am a keen observer of current affairs and politics. I am a regular follower and season ticket holder at Oxford United Football Club.