Sarah Keeler


I started my career teaching in secondary schools in Bristol and North Somerset in the UK. My main teaching subject is English, but I have also taught Media and Film Studies and Psychology.  I am also a tutor for Thinking Skills at AS Level.  I have been working for Wolsey Hall since 2014 and I thoroughly enjoy helping students across the world.

I have a degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Bath, but I also obtained a conversion degree in English alongside my PGCE. I am also an examiner and mark papers for English Language GCSE.

I love all types of storytelling, so I like to spend my free time reading and visiting theatres and cinemas. I enjoy the escapism; the ability to travel to any time or place in history – if only in my imagination!

I always like to encourage my pupils to read as much as possible and I like to share book recommendations. I’ll read almost anything but have an interest in gothic literature and Thomas Hardy in particular.

I grew up in Bristol and love city life, but I equally like relaxing in the countryside when the UK weather permits! I also like to travel when I can to experience new cultures and visit historical buildings, especially cathedrals.

Learning should be an enjoyable process and I like to continue my own studies in other subjects as well.  I have attended summer schools at Cambridge University and have recently enjoyed Art classes. I hope to study for my Master’s degree in the future.

I hope I can share my passion for education, and I am keen to ensure that all students can reach their potential.