Susie Evans


With the vast array of facts, History can appear daunting. In reality it is one of the most exciting and interesting subjects to study. History is not only the marshalling of ‘facts’, though these are important. It is also the thorough analysis of evidence so as to offer explanations of why things happened, what the consequences of events were, how far things have changed or stayed the same.

In these changing, exciting and challenging times we need History more than ever. It allows us to set today’s events in their context and to examine the reasons why we are where we are today! Professor Marwick argues for the necessity of History, on the grounds that ‘knowledge of the past is essential to society… without knowledge of the past we would be without identity; we would be lost on an endless sea of time’.

I have taught History for over 20 years in Sixth Form Colleges and Further Education. I am originally from Scotland but lived in London for a considerable time before moving to Cornwall in 2003. I enjoy the beauty of Cornwall and the friendliness of the Cornish. However I miss the mountains of Scotland and so I am moving back to Scotland in the near future. I am passionate about History and love teaching and learning History – there can never be a point when we know it all! I have an MA in International History, a PGCE and QTLS status.

For many years I have been an examiner for IGCSE and A level History and so have a detailed understanding of the requirements of exam boards. I am an advocate of a teaching approach that places at its centre the need to develop appropriate skills. These will enable you to apply your knowledge and understanding, and ensure that you achieve your academic potential. At the same time I aim to ensure that your study of History is not only enjoyable, but relevant, challenging and dynamic.

When not ‘doing’ History I enjoy being outdoors: walking my dog Biff or riding my horse Willow or pottering in my garden.

I am very pleased to be a Tutor with Wolsey Hall and I look forward to supporting you in your study of History.

Subjects: History