Tanja Perez Williams


I have always wanted to teach. Some of my earliest memories involve setting up classrooms for my younger sister and making her take part in extensive outdoor science lessons. (She is very successful as an adult, which I am sure is down to this early education!) 

My own education was spent all over the world, in a variety of education systems. This varied experience has enabled me to understand the value of diversity; one of my underlying rules in life is that diversity should be valued and differences celebrated. It is important for children to share their similarities and explore and value difference.

As a teacher I have taught children from three years old to eleven years old, in inner city London schools, in rural coastal schools and in suburban schools. My specialism has always been around the development of literacy across the Primary year groups. I was Early Years and Children’s Centre Manager at a large inner-city school for many years, and also trained teachers across the South East in using synthetic phonics with their classes. I worked with childminders to support their work with children in the Early Years curriculum, and ran drop-in groups for parents to understand their children’s early learning and how to support it. I have also been able to establish my own business as a private Tutor with a focus on the 11+ and the independent senior school entrance exams, as well as develop children’s literacy skills across the Primary curriculum and in Years 7 and 8. 

We are all on a lifelong learning journey, and I find myself learning from the children that I teach as well as the families I work with. Having my own children has changed who I am as a teacher and, as they have moved through their Primary education, I have understood more the concerns that parents have for their children in this ever changing world.