Tom Cannon


Business and Economics are two of the most important subjects that someone could study. They enable us to understand the mechanisms that allow our society to run efficiently, from learning about taxation and trade deals, to understanding the ways advertisers try to manipulate consumers into consuming their products. Whatever career path a student wishes to pursue, the skills and knowledge they learn from studying these subjects will build a foundation of strategic thinking and critical analysis; key transferable skills that are highly valued in any industry.

I have been teaching for over ten years, and in that time, I have been fortunate enough to teach a variety of business-related subjects. These include GCSE Business, Applied Business, BTEC Business, A level Business and Travel and Tourism BTEC. I have also taught A level Accounting and Economics. I love the variety of subject content that the study of Business brings and the constantly evolving Business environment from which I can take case studies. During my teaching career, I have been head of department for both Business and EPQ, as well as head of year and head of careers and exams. These positions have helped me to become a more rounded teacher.

I studied Business Management at university, as studying Business at A level was so enjoyable. Whilst at university I discovered my love for radio, which resulted in me co-hosting a weekly radio show for the university radio station. I was lucky enough to win the BBC student radio show of the year and after completing my degree worked for BBC Radio 1 before ultimately deciding to pursue a teaching career. I did return to the world of radio recently, having hosted my own show on a Saturday afternoon for a local radio station.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your potential.

Subjects: Business Studies