Yvonne Mason


I have always loved to read. If you can read, you can learn to cook a delicious meal; you can find out why Henry VIII had six wives: you can visit magical worlds and have great adventures: you can do just about anything, especially on a rainy day! Books and words have been my friends ever since my Mum put them into my hands as a child, and I discovered what a beautiful. fascinating language English can be. That’s why I love to teach it to people like you!

Right through school. when I was bored with other subjects, it was English that fascinated me, delving into Shakespeare and Dickens, and discovering how people created poetry which, for me, is the music of language, like grammar and spelling is the maths! I continued this journey of discovery by studying for a degree in English Language and Literature in Birmingham, and this opened up whole new areas of reading, and introduced me to Medieval History, which has been a huge part of my life ever since.

This led to a Master’s degree in Medieval History at Royal Holloway, University of London and four years working at the Tower of London where I learned to teach people of all ages while dressing up as a Medieval lady. You never know where reading a book can lead you!

I went on to become a private teacher and Tutor in both English and History, and have been teaching students of all ages for fifteen years, as well as home educating my own daughter. I still love to learn, and discover new books and plays, so at present I am trying to read through the very big ‘War and Peace’, and ‘Les Miserables’ (phewl) and to catch up on the Shakespeare plays I haven’t seen yet. I also read lots of History simply because I am fascinated with the way people viewed the World and how they lived their lives many years ago, so I’m looking forward to sharing this fascination with those of you who with whom I’ll be working on your History course.

Studying History helps us to understand where our societies have been and where they are going in the future. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making History too! Studying English can lead to you doing things you never imagined or, at least. can bring you the pleasure of understanding how and why people write the amazing things they do, and learning to express your own thoughts in a skilled and interesting way. I’m looking forward to guiding and inspiring my English students as you embark on your own journey of discovery, learning how to express yourself in written English. You never know where it may lead you!