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Video Debate Competition Winners!

We want to thank everyone for their incredible home made video entries to the Homeschooling Versus Traditional Schooling Debate Video Competition 2018!

We have very much enjoyed watching and judging the entries. It has been very hard to choose three winners, so we want to award all those who did not get the first prize, a Wolsey Hall Oxford official cap which will be sent out in the post soon! Each and every entry had it’s own qualities, and you can see them all for yourselves and leave your comments at the bottom of this blog post.

Without further ado, the winners of the three age categories who will each be awarded the £150 prize by our Principal Lee Wilcock, are as follows:

Category 1: Age 14 and under

Stefania Bojica: Competitive International Tennis Player from Romania, studying Secondary Level in United Arab Emirates, age 13.

We love Stefania’s use of both graphics, video production and sound effects. And we are also impressed by her thoughts and debating skills! It sounds like she also has had an interesting experience so far with homeschooling as an elite athlete. An impressive debate video all round, with touches of humour which make it fun!

Category 2: Age 14 and over

Naomi Dragomir: Composer and musician from Romania, studying IGCSE Level, age 14

We love the personal touch in this debate video, with the musical talent involved adding an impressive angle. Naomi really shares her own homeschooling experience and makes it possible for the audience to empathise with her situation. She makes a very strong argument about the benefits of homeschooling versus traditional schooling, and it is enjoyable to have the musical accompaniment!

Zenzele Memela: Social and educational thinker, From South Africa, studying IGCSE Level, age 18

Zenzele has brought together so many important issues regarding homeschooling, especially in rural areas and due to gender equality problems. We think she has a very mature approach to this debate and has highlighted key themes which require worldwide attention. Her presentation is also professional and clear, with a wide vocabulary.

Category 3: Parents!

Mr and Mrs Maksimova: Wolsey Hall parents of students Daniil (age 14) and Alexandra (age 17) whose video entries were close runners-up, a homeschooling family from Russia and living in Latvia!

We probably do not need to explain why we loved this video! It is not only excellently made, but very funny indeed to watch. We love the fact that everyone in the Maksimova family made a competition entry, and we do hope that Alexandra and Daniil do not mind that their parents pipped them to the prize! In this instance their entries were of course fantastic, but this puppet show is simply too entertaining. And we feel they leave the debate very much open to more questions and answers!

We are sure you agree that these videos are fantastic to watch, and add interesting ideas to the debate about which is better, Homeschooling or Traditional Schooling.

We happen to believe that Homeschooling is of course best! But to help you decide do go and watch all the entry videos here on our Youtube channel and leave your comments and feelings about the debate on the videos and share them with family and friends.

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