Virtual art exhibition April 2022

Wolsey Hall Oxford’s Secondary Community is incredibly proud to present their very first virtual art exhibition.

The theme for our exhibition was, ‘create a self-portrait’. We encouraged students to take their time and to choose any medium of their choice. They could submit a painting, sculpture, collage, sketch, digital image, photo series – ANYTHING! 

With Wolsey Hall Oxford, no matter where you are in the world, every student has the opportunity to join our vibrant college community. Showcase your hidden talents, connect with other students and develop new skills. If you are new to our community look out for details of our next exhibition.

To all friends and family visiting our website, thank you for your support! We hope you enjoy viewing our exhibition as much as our students have enjoyed participating in it.

Secondary Community Self-Portrait Exhibition

Layla, 15 – Kuwait

Samuel, 12 – UK

Skye, 12 – Bulgaria

Abhay, 13 – South Africa

Riya, 12 – UK

Evan, 14 – Malaysia

Hasna, 13 – Pakistan

Erica, 13 – Thailand

Ebonyann, 14 – India

Anna, 16 – Japan

Haysam, 11 – Pakistan

Maria, 14 – Malaysia

Aasiya, 12 – Saudi Arabia