How we manage your data...

Before you apply for a course of study through Wolsey Hall Oxford we want you to understand how the information provided in this application will be used and treated. Details collected from this application will be used for the purpose of providing Wolsey Hall staff with the information necessary to provide our services to you. We collect personal information to:

  • Review your request to enrol with Wolsey Hall Oxford, so that suitable advice and guidance can be provided
  • Process payments accordingly
  • Order course related books or materials through a third party organisation

For security and verification purposes, we also retain details of where this application was made (IP address)

You should be aware that Wolsey Hall Oxford employs third party organisations to manage aspects of your application and the data you have provided. Once your application has been received, information collected will be managed within our systems, as well as through our elected third-party sources.

Collection of sensitive information such as: religion, race, ethnicity, political beliefs, sexual preference or health information will not occur without your explicit consent, unless that collection is required or permitted by law.

We take security and protection of your data very seriously, which is why we want to inform you of your rights. Therefore, during the course of this application process, you will be asked to indicate how you would like your data to be treated and used.

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