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What 2019 means to me

This new year means a lot to me.
It is a year for me to finally show love, my love.
Towards my family, who don’t yet know
just how much of the world they mean to me.

Towards my two best friends, who have helped me
so so much to get through the descents in my life,
when I feared I couldn’t get back up.

Towards all the people in my life who,
despite my distance-ness, were able to
laugh with me.

It is a year for me to love myself once again.
After all those years spent crying myself to sleep,
missing what I lost.

After all the sadness and hate that sprouted,
blooming blue and black, from that loss.
After the numbness that followed,
constantly never-ending.

Here’s to loving again.
Here’s to 2019.

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