Why Do People Homeschool?

Parents choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons but very often it’s because they want to have more control and influence over what their child learns and how they learn.

An alternative to mainstream education

Parents may not agree with the teaching style, pressures and academic targets present in mainstream schools. With homeschooling you can choose the timetable for your child, reflecting the subjects they are interested in and the environment they respond to best for learning.

Negative school experience

Increasing numbers of families are choosing to homeschool due to their child experiencing school anxiety or bullying. Homeschooling can be a welcome relief where students often thrive in a home environment.

Child-led learning

With homeschooling children learn at a pace to suit their own abilities resulting in more students achieving their full potential, rather than being left feeling demotivated and despondent.

Special educational needs

The one-size-fits-all approach of traditional schooling often doesn’t work for children with special educational needs. Homeschooling provides a more nurturing and personal approach where a plan can be created specifically for your child including what support they require.


Another reason why people homeschool is the flexibility. There’s no set ‘school day’ so families choose when and where the learning takes place. You can live anywhere in the world and homeschooling is particularly popular with travelling families.

Are you considering homeschooling but are daunted by becoming your child’s educator? Studying with Wolsey Hall Oxford means you share the responsibility and have plenty of support as you embark on this journey.

So why do people homeschool in your opinion? Let us know your views!

Why do people homeschool?

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