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Wolsey Hall Oxford runs regular online Open Events throughout the year. These events give parents an opportunity to hear more about homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Our presentations include information about Wolsey Hall Oxford, our courses, how and why homeschooling works, how we support families and additional information specific to the type of event.

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Join us for a live presentation and question and answer session to find out more about homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford.

Book your place at our next event on Friday 8th March at 2pm (UK time).

Please note, everyone registered for the event will receive a recording of the webinar regardless of whether you attend the live event or not.

A message from our Principal, Gavin McLean

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Wolsey Hall Oxford, the world’s most experienced homeschooling college. Established in 1894, we have helped over 750,000 students, in over 130 countries worldwide, to achieve their qualifications – with many of our homeschoolers going on to study at prestigious Universities around the world.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is dedicated to delivering top quality education at an affordable price. We place great importance on supporting the individual and helping to nurture independent, curious and creative thinkers who are able to easily adapt to our ever-changing and fast past paced world.

Whether you are an experienced homeschooling family, one who is considering additional courses alongside traditional schooling or simply a family exploring different options – our team would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about homeschooling.

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education

Wolsey Hall Oxford is a registered online Cambridge International School.

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Reasons to consider homeschooling

homeschooling a gifted child

Homeschooling for students who are gifted and able

Gifted students

School anxiety

Homeschooling due to school anxiety, school refusal or bullying

School anxiety

Supplementary education

Additional subjects alongside traditional schooling

Supplementary education

Young elite tennis player

Education for families on the move, elite athletes and performers


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