Can you take GCSEs early?

We often receive enquiries asking, ‘can you take GCSEs early?’ The simple answer is ‘yes’. At Wolsey Hall Oxford we very much believe that children should be studying at the right stage, rather than the level dictated by their age. Read on to find out what this involves.

Some of our students are studying for their IGCSEs earlier than the typical age of 16-years-old. It may be the case that they do this for all their subjects, or just the ones that they are more advanced in. Gifted students often take their IGCSEs early and benefit from homeschooling for a number of reasons. They are able to progress through their courses at a pace dictated by them but they also like to explore subjects in greater depth. Many of our gifted students find traditional classroom learning too slow.

Students achieving GCSEs early

Eddie is a track cyclist but also a gifted student. He left Primary school and transferred to homeschooling with Wolsey Hall. He went straight into studying four IGCSE subjects and took his exams aged just 13. He then went on to study for other IGCSEs. Read more about Eddie’s progression.

Twelve-year-old Oliver is also homeschooling in the UK and taking his IGCSEs early. He’s made a video about how this works.

You can take GCSEs early with Wolsey Hall
Young boy homeschooling in Poland

Education to suit you

We also have students who take some IGCSEs earlier with us while still attending a mainstream school. This combination enables them to achieve the IGCSE in subjects they are advanced in, while studying at a more regular pace for their other education. It can also free up time later on to enable them to take extra IGCSEs and widen their knowledge.

Fourteen-year-old Sofia is studying A level Maths, IGCSE Chemistry, Biology and English with Wolsey Hall. She also attends her local school in Italy. This combined education has worked well for her. Students sometimes choose this option too if their school doesn’t offer a particular subject. This is called supplementary education and can fit around other study commitments.

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