How to pay

Methods of payment

How ot pay our homeschooling fees

UK payments

•    If you have a UK bank account, we ask that you make your payment in full or your initial instalment payment by bank transfer. We prefer this form of payment since it incurs no charges either for you or for us.

•    Thereafter, if you are paying by instalments, we will email you a standing order form to facilitate you setting up a standing order with your bank, which can be done using online banking.

International payments

•    If you do not have a UK bank account or if you are unable to use it for payment, we will send you a secure online invoice which is payable by international debit or credit card. We pay the charges incurred.

•    We also accept international bank transfers and we will send you an “IBAN” invoice containing all the relevant bank details for your bank. Note that you pay the charges for international bank transfers.

how to pay our homeschooling fees