Create a workspace and manage distractions

Dedicated workspace

It’s important when you homeschool to create a workspace that is a dedicated study area. Approach it with the right frame of mind and you’re already halfway there.

Above all, learning should be enjoyable. If you’re finding it a struggle, reassess the environment you’re studying in and see what could be changed or improved.

Studying at home can bring with it many temptations and distractions. Creating your own study schedule will keep you on track and add some structure to your day. Feeling organised will reduce stress and anxiety. Schedule in regular breaks and physically move away from your study area during these times. It will help to keep your mind fresh and is a good opportunity to stay hydrated and grab a healthy snack.

homeschool organisation

Student Coumba shows how to stay organised.

Create a workspace on the kitchen table

Create a workspace that is calm and organised

Trying to work on your bed or sofa surrounded by pets isn’t conducive to effective learning!

Ideally have your own desk in a quiet space where you can set up your computer or laptop comfortably. Ensure there’s room to spread out your books and papers.

The kitchen table works well too, as long as there’s no distractions from family members or visitors calling by.

Change environment or add music!

Sometimes you might fancy a change of scene so you could work in a café or library, just be mindful of what’s going on around you and take the subjects which will be best learnt in these different environments.

Some students find listening to music helps. Whether it’s upbeat and energising or soothing and soulful, try out different styles to see what works for you. Remember the idea is to motivate and focus, not distract you into dancing or singing!

Student creating a workspace in a cafe

Lyana shares tips on how to create a workspace and manage distractions