Creative writing tips

Creative writing tips for homeschoolers

Encouraging your child to write their own stories is a fantastic way to boost their confidence as they consolidate their grammar, writing and reading skills. Best of all it’s a project that appeals to all ages. Children have super imaginations so they can really run wild in their own storytelling!

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Creative writing is an enjoyable way for students to explore their imaginations. Even our youngest students can enjoy writing interesting stories and poems.

Creative Writing Tips

Unleash those ideas

Begin by thinking about when and where your story is going to take place? It could be somewhere real you have visited before or a fictional place you’d love to visit, maybe even another planet.

Then start imagining your characters. Give them names. How many main characters will there be? What do they look like? How do they behave? How do you want your reader to feel about them?

How does your story begin? Maybe your first paragraph will be full of mystery and description or plunge straight into dialogue. Tip: Read through some books you enjoy and note how they start.

Planning your writing

Take some time to consider what’s going to happen in your story. You don’t need to have a definite idea but a rough plan of how your story will climax and reach its end is useful. Many successful authors admit to their stories unfolding as they write so also see where your characters take you as you begin putting pen to paper.

Choose some wonderfully descriptive words you can weave into your storytelling to really bring it to life. You may wish to write a draft first then go over it several times to produce your finished version. Will you include your own illustrations? Will you write it up when finished in a special book and design your own cover?

Creative Writing Tips

If your child struggles with writing why not give a comic book a go? With less emphasis on the words and more focus on the pictures they draw, they can still bring their storytelling ideas to life.

If your child decides to give this project a go, why not take a look at our Creative Writing Club? With different themes announced through Canvas, they could submit their story to be shared with other students.